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When famous German institutions Karstadt and Galeria Kaufhauf merged, they aimed for a branding that would communicate the joy of shopping in a department store full of possibilities.

The result is a a memorable and precise logo that embodies happiness and variety. It was created together with my fellow designers and colleagues at KW43 Branddesign: Jürgen Adolph, Marc Schäde and Alexandra Sobota.

The logo combines an array of hidden messages, each one a powerful symbol of positivity and inspiration. A delicate flower, a soft cloud, and a playful smile all create a harmonious blend of beauty and joy.

Like a compass guiding the way, brackets encircle the center of the logo, symbolizing the bustling heart of a city. This imagery captures the central role that department stores play in bringing exceptional shopping experiences to these dynamic locations.

Through careful selection and bold pairings, the vibrant colors within the branding elevate each medium to new heights, ensuring they stand out in the landscape of modern retail.

Photo credit: Galeria

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