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Jana and Sabrina reached out for support in the rebrand of their interior design studio 'EMYE'. Together we clarified their strategic foundation and created the tools required for a consistent brand experience. This cohesiveness can be felt throughout interactive work books, social media profiles and and their inviting new website.

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The minimalistic and sleek branding finds its inspiration in the design process of the interior design duo, embodying three core principles: "Me, My Heart, and My Eye." These fundamental steps serve as the soul of their creative journey, guiding the creation of interior designs that exude both warmth and individuality.


The human captures the essence of personal and individual needs that lie at the core of their approach.

My Heart

The heart is all about emotion – it captures the atmosphere that can be envoked by seeing warm colors or touching smooth materials.

My Eye

The eye stands for the aesthetic and fine details that make each home unique to the personal style of their clients.

We talked about their dream to one day sell their own products. In thinking ahead, we are ensuring the branding aligns with future visions and goals.

Feeling right at home.

Elegant typography and warm, distinctive colors give the brand a consistently friendly, yet sophisticated appearance across all media, such as their website, various e-books and social media profiles.

To illustrate the inspirations that influence each individual design project we implemented a moodboard aesthetic, that can be used in various ways without becoming repetitive.

Client Feedback:

We can wholeheartedly recommend Tara’s services. She created a very smart logo including guidelines and a matching website for us. Throughout the process she not only paid attention to the design but also helped us structure our thoughts and pointed out details we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves. We are so happy with the outcome. Thank you Tara!

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