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The Disgusting Food Museum showcases an array of culinary creations that may not be deemed appetizing by most. This unique exhibition boldly challenges visitors to confront their preconceptions about food and even invites them to experience a few dishes at the daring tasting bar.

The branding approach revolves around the notion that what disgusts one person might delight another. Collaborating with my former KW43 colleagues, Alexander Geh and Rüdiger Goetz, we crafted a branding concept that transforms the repulsive into a visually enticing and mouth-watering experience.

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Fermented shark, maggot-infested cheese, mouse wine or the infamous Durian (pictured left) are just a few of the exhibits displayed at the Disgusting Food Museum.

As we brainstormed branding ideas, we stumbled upon a fascinating realization: every language has its own way of expressing disgust. Embracing the museum's global spirit, we decided to make these expressions the heart and soul of our branding.

While originally rooted in Malmö as a permanent exhibition, the Disgusting Food Museum has ventured far and wide, captivating audiences across the globe. From Los Angeles to Berlin and numerous other destinations, the exhibition brought its unique and thought-provoking displays to diverse corners of the world.

At the tasting bar, an invitation is extended to sample a selection of their unique foods. The challenge? Resisting the urge to gag or otherwise being tallied on the notorious vomit board.

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