Tara Otto | Landluft
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The significance of online shopping and digital markets ist constantly growing. After a few mouse clicks products are delivered to your door, which is comfortable and mostly fast. Whether through apps, websites or inventive interface designs – there are plenty of possibilities to go shopping


Landluft (eng. country air) is such a “digital supermarket”. The range of products, consisting of freshg vegetables, fruits, eggs and even milk is cultivated by local farmers. The distribution takes place exclusively online, but it’s not the usual procedure as you would think.


The interface gains its uniqueness through the manner of how items are purchased – instead of the regular, monotonous selection of desired goods, Landluft require you to „culitvate“, „water“ and „harvest“ your products. It’s a games, which turns shopping into an experience. You have the option to farm, collect points and rise through levels. This is how you unlock further products, which will be brought home after a successful harvest.


Whether for parents, who want to teach their children about healthy food in a fun way or adults, that want to escape their daily routine for a while, Landluft is geared towards a wide target audience.