Tara Otto | Animalia
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For my graduation project I wanted to combine my fasicination for animals and my love for corporate design. The result is a zoo, for which I developed a concept and the brand.


Cats of prey, great apes, dolphins – these animals tend to attract hundreds of people into our world’s zoos. But I wanted to create a zoo, where animal welfare was the number one priority. This means that species, who can’t be taken care of appropriately, will not be housed in this zoological garden. How can a zoo survive, that can’t depend on the “crowd pullers”? That was the challenge I presented myself with. The idea was to develop a zoo for the „underdogs“. Animals, that are usually passed by, will claim the visitors entire attention. Instead of lions, we will celebrate aadvarks. Instead of the orang-utan, the meerkats will be the stars. It was important to me, that animals are not on display, like they were used to. The visitor has the privilege to watch them in their habitat.


The name ANIMALIA means the taxonomic kingdom comprising all animals. Of course each kingdom needs a crest, that is where the idea for the logo came from. The structure of the zoo is based on continents. The visitor can discover wildlife in five areas (Afrika, Asia, Oceania, Europe and Southamerica). Icons of the zoos inhabitants guide through the animal park. Additionally I created information material to give insight to the animals living environment and their origin. It will be handed out depending on which continet is featured this month. Naturally every zoo needs a souvenir shop, where you can find lots of fun gift ideas, like a gym bag, coffee cups or a a game of pairs.


Multimedial-based applications are an essential part of the zoos goal to appeal to new generations. The main task is to educate the visitors about wildlife conservation. Therefore free wifi is provided throughout the entire area, in order for visitors to enjoy a interactive experience with the helf of the smartphones or tablets. Whether through headphones or touchscreens, each visitor has the opportunity to organise their stay individually.

ADC Nachwuchswettbewerb 2015